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A moderate training session can improve many human functions we take for granted:

  • Unilateral exercises are not just fun, but they can also help you improve your cognitive skills, as you sculpt your body.
  • Cardiovascular workouts  improve learning retention by reading after 20 minutes of a light to moderate intensity session, while you’re burning pure fat.
  • If you focus on ‘specific activities’ including its timing, their mechanisms and its seemingly “unrelated” applications, there are endless possibilities to what we can achieve with our fitness routines and our life.

If you’re not aware of how efficiently your time is being used or whether the amount of energy required is worth the effort, your investment, including your hard earned money’s return was invested in more than just a fitness goal, but in your life.



Are you so busy you hardly have time to:

  • Spend it with family and friends?
  • Read that great book or watch that movie you’ve been recommended?
  • How about simply having time to wind down and do “Nothing”?
  • Never mind having time to exercise!

You’re not the only one, nowadays, most people we encounter in our lives seem to have a similar problem…


“We have become slaves of time and the clock is ticking whether you like it or not.”



In this era of information, we’re bombarded with “facts”, rumours, and all kinds of pseudo-facts about ‘what is right and what is wrong with everything, especially in the fitness industry’.

It can be extremely exhausting trying to figure out ‘what you think you need to know’ and ‘what you think you can ignore’ in your fitness journey, until – to say the least – you finally think you found ‘what you needed’ with the latest trend, only to realise there’s a lot more to take into account (LIFE) if you want to succeed with your fitness goals, or any other goal for that matter.

Misinformation or information overload, often leads to poor decision making…

Desire to improve the Fitness Industry and complement conscious, open-minded Health & Fitness Professionals60%
Remove the fuzz and hassle of getting "fit" by developing a time, energy and cost efficient approach70%
To unlock the Human Body's potential by exploring the next level of "Fitness"80%
Inspire everyone to take control of their health and lives (not just with fitness)90%
Develop an Active and Collaborative Community100%