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Fitness and its routines can help you deal with your emotions better, whether you have a condition like PTSD or after a stressful event when you need to vent out, but if you focus on ‘specific activities’ including its timing, their mechanisms and its seemingly “unrelated” applications, there are endless possibilities to what we can achieve with our fitness routines and our life.

Fitness can be a catalyst to exploring not just ourselves, but even life, without ending up frustrated from having sidetracked or feeling like you’ve failed.

This feeling of ‘FAILURE’, is a common symptom among those of us who don’t necessarily do “too much”, but we hardly have much to show other than our attempts and experience, as any of our projects rarely seem to come to a conclusion, why? Life! that’s why!

But even if we managed to complete our passionate projects, it was not what we wanted and well, it fails, again, not because you were lazy, or even worse, wasting your time, because at least when ‘you’re lazy and you know it’ you still enjoy it, but when you realize you’ve truly wasted it, it’s something you can’t recover from and you feel like a failure, which is never true as it’s always a lesson, but it’s hard not to feel that way.

Welcome to bodylingual!

We are a modern, but well-needed Fitness and Lifestyle coaching system and Training Philosophy for those time-bound, conscious individuals, focused on their self-development while on a path to create the life they envision.

Our streamlined ‘fitness and lifestyle’ integrative concepts provide you with a truly personalised, time and energy efficient fitness approach that removes the hassle and guesswork of getting fit in the least amount of time, while simultaneously making you aware of and developing “skills”, together with the dedicated support and resources you need to effectively meet the daily objectives required to achieve your life goals.

I’m certain you’ve realized “time is gold”, so you probably want to spend it doing activities to help you progress in your life, or at least, fun, quality and fulfilling activities to keep fit and confident regardless of any goals you set for yourself.

What bodylingual can do for you

We want to help you excel in everyday life, whether you want to improve your:

  • Everyday Performance by improving your functional skills to help you lift that heavy, awkward box at home without getting hurt or to improve your body’s energy systems so you can be more productive at work or anything that requires mental stamina and of course, look good!
  • Fitness Performance by helping you understand how your body and fitness works, you’ll recover quicker after workouts. We can even help you become fitter without “training”, as movement skills can be applied in a myriad of ways. If you’re into permaculture and you’re working on your lot or farm, knowing and understanding the right exercise techniques and body/limb alignment can help you prevent injuries and work more efficiently.
  • Health by becoming aware of what affects it, or simply improving your posture so you can breathe better and control your anxiety.
  • Life approach by indirectly teaching transferable and vital life skills such as goal-setting and time-management to reach your aspirations more efficiently and with less hassle. Our approach can even aid you to become a self-directed learner as you re-educate yourself about the body and it will make you more confident as a result of your improved mindset and achievements, rather than temporary “feel good hormone boosts”.

Your fitness and the approaches you use can help you pursue fulfilling endeavors in a more efficient manner, so if you want to Live Well, you have to Train Well in order to Be Happy!

Can your Fitness and your Routine be a catalyst to a better quality of life?

“Life does not have to be boring and definitely not a struggle, regardless of how committed you are to your goals”.

Are you so busy you hardly have time to...

“We have become slaves of time and the clock is ticking whether you like it or not.”