Are you so busy you hardly have time to:

  • Spend it with family and friends?
  • Read that great book or watch that movie you’ve been recommended?
  • How about simply having time to wind down and do “Nothing”?
  • Never mind having time to exercise!

You’re not the only one, nowadays, most people we encounter in our lives seem to have a similar problem…

“We have become slaves of time and the clock is ticking whether you like it or not.”

Even if you manage to cram some exercise into your time, fitness “regimes” can also become a distraction from the reality of life, simply an adrenaline rush and some adaptation which many of us mistake as “progress”.

Our Mission

One of our goals is to optimally get you fit in the least amount of time without any hassle, side-effects, sacrifices or injuries that conventional approaches tend to cause (i.e. HIIT), but we are much more than that, in reality we want to educate you to help you realise there’s more to fitness than a 6-pack.

“Bodylingual was created to teach you how to unlock your body’s potential to make you more efficient in every area that matters to you as we help you discover how to effectively use your fitness as a catalyst to improve the quality of your life in the modern world, and ultimately, inspire you to be in complete control of your health and your destiny as you live your life to the fullest.”


Our Vision

We want to pave the way in health and fitness by making the uncertainty of life meet the objectiveness of science. By fully integrating these principles into our fitness approach we attempt to remove the guesswork that tends to halt us from obtaining incredible results, not just with our fitness goals, but also in our life.

You know that prevention will always be better than cure, but if you’re not aware that you have been absorbed into that paranoid mindset of “prevent this, prevent that”, you’ll have a hard time enjoying life at its fullest. When you strive to have control over your life, you also have to maintain it, but if you’re not aware of  the root of “what” needs change or improvement, how can you take action?

Awareness leads to control and that control can allow a person to live sustainably, but if your sole focus was your career, not your health, it’s only a matter of time before that stress of being “busy and not having enough time to sort it” gets to you, so rather than just waiting for something to happen and need serious, sometimes fatal medical interventions….

We envision humans being in complete control of every aspect of their life, or at least fully aware of their health by knowing exactly how to maintain it in tip-top condition, resulting in – directly or indirectly – self-acceptance which we believe is one of the requisites to inner peace and the first step towards solving global issues as a collective, whether it’s poverty, wars or climate change.

Self-development is for your mind and your life, what Fitness can be for self-healing and your body.
Yanko S. Varela

Did you know?

if you focus on ‘specific activities’ including its timing, their mechanisms and its seemingly “unrelated” applications, there are endless possibilities to what we can achieve with our fitness routines and our life.

Can your Fitness and your Routine be a catalyst to a better quality of life?

“Life does not have to be boring and definitely not a struggle, regardless of how committed you are to your goals”.